Shopping destinations at the State of Idaho
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If you want to do some real shopping then Idaho is the dream destination for you where you can get all the things of your choice. The popular shopping destinations at Idaho are located in the heart of the city where the latest and best articles are sold at affordable rates. The purpose of this article is to write about the most popular shopping destinations in Idaho.

Boise Towne Square Mall

The Boise Town Square Mall is the most famous shopping destination in Idaho which is the largest in size. It is the only shopping center which is completely enclosed. This shopping destination includes all the latest brands that are available in the market. It consists of a total of one hundred and eighty stores. If you visit this modern and highly sophisticated shopping center then you can get all the items of your choice at highly affordable rates. The region where this shopping center is located is in the region of Bench.



The Village at Meridian

The Village at Meridian is another equally famous shopping destination in Idaho. The popularity of this shopping destination in Idaho is increasing by leaps and bounds. The Village at Meridian includes a total of hundred shopping, dining and entertainment venues. If you visit this modern and highly sophisticated shopping center then you will surely fall in love with it. The Village at Meridian represents one of the most important commercial endeavors ever developed in the state of Idaho. Those who visit this shopping destination feel an urge to pay a visit to this shopping center over again. You can enjoy some of the latest entertainment shows at this shopping complex.

Old Boise 6th and main

This famous shopping destination in Idaho was built as early as 1864 and caters to the specific retirements and needs of the miners and military men. The shops that are present in this shopping complex sell all the articles at highly affordable prices. The shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers at this place offer some of the latest and most up to date items.



The Bodo shopping center in Idaho is another very famous place which consists of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The Bodo shopping center offers some of the best clothes and other items at very affordable prices. The items that are available at the shopping complex cover a wide variety and they include the best quality products.

The other shopping destinations that are present in Idaho include Idaho Sporting goods and the Idaho Mountain Touring and the Boise Factory outlet mall and the Karcher Mall. So if you have any plans to visit Idaho then you should go and do your shopping from the shopping centers of this place that sell some of the best products in the market at very reasonable rates. The architecture of the shopping malls will surely impress you and you can visit some of the best and most expensive brands who have their outlets in these shopping centers.


Hi there! So, you are planning a visit to Idaho, actually you are thinking and planning in the right direction because Idaho actually deserves a visit at least once a lifetime. It is a fact that this area got its fame because of potatoes but you cannot deny the natural beauty that has been glorified in this state.

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