List Of Parks In State Of Idaho
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Idaho is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Each year, this state receives over million international tourists who flock there to relish the exquisite scenic beauty of the place. The list of attractions includes several natural parks. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few key options among the list.

The Bear Lake State Park

This natural park got established in the year 1969 and it comprises 2 properties, all along the shore of the lake bear. This park lies at an elevation of 1800 meter and features 966 acres of land. The park features exotic scenic beauty. Visitors flock here for the chances to relish the natural beauty of the place.


The Castle Rock state Park

This state park comes within the Cassia County and it got established in the year 1970. The park lies at an elevation of 750 meters and it features a massive stretch of 4800 acres. Within this park, you will be getting several lakes. The park showcases dunes that rise to an altitude of 140 meters. This park is one of the largest natural parks in the US. A visit to this natural park is a must for its exquisite natural beauty.

The state park at the Castle Rocks

This state park got established in the year 2004 and lies at an altitude of 1710 meters above the sea level. This state park features granite spires. In addition, you will get a ranch that hails back to the early years of the 20th century. This ranch lies at the base of the Cache Peak. As for its location, the park comes in the Cassia County.


The Parkway state park

This state park comes within the Kootenai County and it stands at an elevation of 667 meters. Though this park stretches to an extent of 34 acres only, it offers a lovely course for strolling as well as biking along the northern shore of the Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Eagle Island State Park

This natural state park features various recreational activities that include the scopes for water slides and swimming activities. The location of this park is near Boise. This park got established in the year 1977 and it holds an area of 545 acres. This park finds its location at an elevation of 830 meters. A visit to this park will enable you to relish the exquisite natural scenic beauty of this state park.

An ice filled bath serves as the foreground for the spectacular view of the sculptured granite boulders strewn across landscape of Idaho's Silent City of Rocks National Preserve.

The Farragut State Park

This state park comes within the Kootenai County and got established in the year 1964. The park stretches to an extent of 4000 acres and it lies at an altitude of the 626 meters. The park features facilities for recreational activities. This park holds a significant historical legacy as it was used as the base area for training the Navy squad during the Second World War time.

The names discussed are only a few, out of the total 28 natural parks in this state. Visiting these parks, you can add more fun and enjoyment to your vacation trip.


Hi there! So, you are planning a visit to Idaho, actually you are thinking and planning in the right direction because Idaho actually deserves a visit at least once a lifetime. It is a fact that this area got its fame because of potatoes but you cannot deny the natural beauty that has been glorified in this state.

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