What is the significance of Idaho as a state in your opinion?

Idaho is the place that actually deserves a visit at least once a lifetime. It is a fact that this area got its fame because of potatoes but you cannot deny the natural beauty that has been glorified in this state. From whitewater areas to mountainous regions, there ain’t a single beauty that has been left out in Idaho and this very fact particularly adds a lot of value for the state. Anyways, have you ever wondered where the modern skiing was given birth? I bet, no! Well, Idaho was the place that is actually thought of as the founder of modern skiing because of the huge skiing opportunities available here for the participants and challengers to try. River Surfing, Hot Springs, diversity, sky view – Idaho is the only area where you can view stars in such an amazing way, volcanoes, road-less places, lake swimming, Presence of Niagara, and then there is so much than I can add in the list as the possible things in Idaho.

What motivated or inspired you to start writing about Idaho?

I have been living in Idaho since my childhood, it is my home town and just like every other locale of the state, I also am very proud of living here and have no plans to leave this state. It is no doubt that this place lacks some real entertainment opportunities but this does not drive away its citizens. The natural glory that can be witnessed here is nowhere else to be found and the liveliness of people residing here also deserves a special mention. Unlike people believe that only farmers live here, this is rather not the case, you can enjoy a lot of other opportunities here as well but the interesting thing is that people are more close to life here rather than working 24/7. Anyways, my best areas of Idaho are McCall, Sun Valley, Coeur d’Alene, Shoshone Falls, Bruneau Sand Dunes, Craters of the Moons, Thousand Springs, Rolling Hills at Palouse, Boise, Sawtooth Mountains, and Hells Canyon; whenever I am free or have a vacation or few days off, I would definitely go to at least one of these places and enjoy the nature. The fact that Idaho is a close-to-nature state is an amazing thing to live by and that is the reason I like living here. Thereby expressing it has always made me feel awesome and I am doing it as one of my hobby.

What type of content can we read in this site?

In this very site, you will find all the stuff related to Idaho that will primarily focus on the things that you can do in Idaho, the places that you really need to see here; a completing visiting and tour guide for the visitors of Idaho will be a part of this site. You can get to know about the places where you can enjoy tasty and delicious foods, you can get to know about the areas where you can go for sports that maybe related to water or involve some kind of skiing tactics, and so on. In other words, a pocket Idaho for you in your hand will be the role this site will serve.